St Peters 15th Century

St. Peters oakroof St. Peters aisle

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  • 1414 William Blase
  • 1446 William Milford
  • 1449 Richard More
  •          Thomas Langton
  • 1483 Leonard Vavasour

At the beginning of the 15th century, the Vavasours founded two Chantries at Hazlewood, one of St. Nicholas and the other of St. Mary (a chantry was a chapel founded for the Mass to be chanted for the soul of the founder). Priests from these Chantries were rewarded for their services by the gift of the living of Addingham. William Blasé, priest of the Chantry of St. Nicholas in 1412, became Rector of Addingham in 1414. Richard More, priest at the Hazlewood Chantries in 1443 became Rector in 1449 to be followed in due course by his successor at Hazlewood, Thomas Langton.

Towards the end of the century, Sir Henry Vavasour was Lord of the Manor, and his son Leonard became Rector in 1483. During his incumbency, the old Norman church, which had stood for three hundred years, was replaced by a new church, built in the late perpendicular style.

Of that church, the north aisle, the arcade of four arches, the chancel arch and the magnificent oak roof remain and are the most ancient parts of the present structure.

Top left image: Tudor oak roof and part of the arcade of arches.

Bottom left image: North aisle.