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  • 1189 Thomas

Soon after the Domesday survey, the King granted Addingham and Draughton to the de Romilles of Skipton and to the Percy family. The two families granted their share of Addingham to the Vavasours who held Addingham as owners and Lords of the Manor. They did not relinquish all their interest until 1715.

The seat of the Vavasour family was at Hazlewood, near Tadcaster, on Percy land. It is doubtful if any of the family lived here at this time, but a manor house was eventually built and some of the early members of the family must have lived at the manor as various deeds were signed here. In 1166 the manor was held by Sir William le Vavasour who was a King’s Justice and an important figure in northern life.

It is almost certain that it is to Sir William le Vavasour that we owe the first Church building. We know that Addingham had a Parson in 1189 because one Thomas, Parson of Addingham was a witness to a deed of a grant of land to Salley Abbey and also witnessed a grant by Hugo de Leathley to Bolton Priory.

There are no records to tell us what this first Church building was like, but it is probable that it was small, had no tower and had narrow, slit windows with no glass. We now know that it had a typical Norman arched doorway with zig-zag carvings because stone from this church was used to build the tower and zig-zag door carvings were found during recent renovations.

Image top left: The first church building probably looked something like this.