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Presentation to Barbara by Judy………

AN A TO Z FOR BARBARA           Sunday 13 October 2013


AN A TO Z FOR BARBARA – from Anna to Zara – with affection – in admiration.


A – is for Anna- a dear first born daughter. And also – for the amazement we shared that anyone would

volunteer to Andrew to be Administrator at St. Peter’s after her first attendance.

We applaud her generous insouciance.


B– But that is what Barbara did. Based in Ben Rhydding, by way of Burnsall and Birkenshaw, Bradford Uni.    and advice of the Bishop, from that day forward, she has blessed us with her many gifts.

We are so grateful for her benevolence.    ( B’s also for son-in-law, Ben)


C – is for her charity and compassion; for congregational occasions of celebration – both Ordinations, when Canon-ed, and this one . C’s for Croeso, (Welsh welcome);  this cheque.  (Presentation of cheque for £2000 by Ian Hepworth)

We commend her for her counselling and carefulness.


D – is for her Dear husband David (taken too soon), for Directing Diocesan Resources.

We give thanks for her gentle Dignity and discipline and all her delightfulness.


E – is for the Eucharist shared with us this morning. It stands for Early mornings for Matins; for her energy and exertions with an exceptional work load. 

We esteem her high standards of excellence.


F –is for food and refreshment – shared with Family and Friends. For all fellowship and flowers – we have these for you.  (Presentation of flowers by Andrew Robinson)

May we follow her Footsteps in friendship and faithfulness.


G – is for the gifts given and shared – Grace, Mercy & Peace. It’s for Grand children – such grand children –  all three –  Nicholas, Daniel and Sophie.

We’re so glad you are all here.


H – is for Hands on, – we’re glad it will live on. For the Healing Services with Holy reflections.  For Home communions much valued by all who have shared. (And H is for son-in-law, Howard). 

We honour her honesty in all things.


I – I is for I pad – she’s ace with this tool. For her imagination and inspirited intelligence.

We shall miss her inimitable cool.


J – She’s Joyous in her vocation. We remember, Jinny, David’s dog and walks on the Moor – The Jacob’s Join lunches, juggling jobs, her sound judgements and jubilation.                   

We have rejoiced in your joyfulness.


K –is for Kindness – Love is Kind!  We praise her knowledge and scholarship. We are going to miss you –Please keep in touch with us.  

We have valued the kaleidoscope of her theology.


L – We are thankful for her Love – her loving leadership especially of Lent Groups. For her listening skills .

L marks her long hours -late to bed after liturgy preparations, last e-mails.

We have appreciated her high standard of learnedness – the genius of left-handedness.


M – means moving on from Menston now Mirfield, MA work and  Ministerial Education.

We admire her powers of meditation.


N-O-P – She is a Natural Ordained Priest (in capitals!)  – who has found her true vocation !


N – is also,  Nut Brown Hare- a delightful and nifty e-mail address. N stands for  Barbara nourishing, nurturing and nudging us in good neighbourliness.


O – Ordination, Officiating and celebrating. For new opportunities opening for one more step along the Way.      

We share in her optimism and hopefulness.


P – is for Priest – preaching. It’s for Peace – the sharing, the degree in Peace Studies, PCC Chairing in the power of prayerfulness, this picture of St. Peter’s – down sized for the new house!  (Presentation of signed photo of St.Peter’s by Joy Harper)

We honour her self-possession and polished professionalism.


Q – quite simply identifies her quintessential qualities of  calm tranquillity,

We have rested in the ambience of her quietness.


R – We remember she ran the Diocesan Resource Centre and she supervises Residential events. We have many rewarding reflections, rejoicings and remembrances of shared times with our Reverend Barbara.

May you have more time to relax in your new residence.


S – For sermons of substance, always so special.  For serene spirituality and sincerity in celebrating the sacraments.  For the gentleness of your humour and the warmth of your smiles.

We salute all your many strengths.


T – is for Tottenham childhood and schooling ( a supporter of Spurs?)  For Toddlers, tolerance with tough tenderness, teaching. Tipples –red wine ?

We drink to your good health.

Also this Token for trading,  to remember those who cannot be here to-day.  (Presentation of book token donated by absent friends unable to attend by Jan Francis) 

U – U,V,W – We have this umbrella for you,  (Presentation of umbrella by Christine Bean)

V – In a fetching/inViting violet hue.

W –It’s for walks to work, or for visiting when wet.

We thank you for your wisdom and high standards of worship which we shall never forget.


X –is excellence in preaching and creative extra-special services.


Y – is for your own youthfulness in outlook. For Youth Work , the Yorkshire Ministry Course – The  Y(‘Why’) of your leaving?


Z– iz ezy, it’s Zara –  Dear second daughter.  A to Z deliberate then, as now?



This ditty now is done.         

 It comes with love and in fun.

There’s one more thing we ask of you,          

Please cut the cakewith no further ado.  (Presentation of Cake)

 Another sharing before ‘adieu’.

And may God always be with, and in you .