Farewell to Barbara Clarke

Cross Bottom

Barbara moves to Mirfield, and gave her last service on Sunday 13th October 2013.

As you already may know, Barbara has now moved to a small house in Mirfield, just two minutes from her work with the Yorkshire Ministry Course and as Librarian to the College and Community of the Resurrection.  This was a heaven-sent opportunity enabling Barbara to avoid a 50 mile round trip from Ilkley, although it was being done in reverse as Barbara kept her promise to remain at St. Peter’s until the new Rector arrives.

So after 10 years at St.Peter’s, Barbara has ‘moved on’ to pastures new, ……. and we will miss her.

Her last service was followed by a Presentation Lunch, where Judy Worsnop gave another one of her now famous speeches of rhyming couplets based around the alphabet, which chronicled Barbara’s life at St. Peters.  You don’t have to take my word for it as you can read Judy’s Presentation here and also learn of all the gifts that were given to Barbara at the relative points in the speech. Lots of photographs were taken at the lunch, and they are all available for you to look at by following this link to Photobox.  One of the advantages is that if you see a photo(s) you particularly like you can order them direct from Photobox.