St. Peters Church Addingham

Cross Bottom


Wed 2nd   10.30 am Eucharist
Thursday 3rd     7.30 pm Healing Service
Sunday 6th     Fifth Sunday of Lent
      8.00 am Holy Communion
    10.30 am Holy Communion & Annual Parochial Church Meeting
      6.00 pm Evensong
Wed 9th    10.30 am Eucharist
Thursday 10th     8.15 pm Men’s Social (Swan)
Saturday 12th     1.00 pm Wedding – Simon Jeffries & Linda Spinks
Sunday 13th   Palm Sunday
      8.00 am Holy Communion
    10.00 am Parish Communion & Procession of Palms
      4.30 pm ACT – Stations of the Cross at the RC Church
Monday 14th     7.30 pm Night Prayer with Reflection
Tuesday 15th    7.30 pm Tenebrae
Wed 16th   10.30 am Eucharist
Thursday 17th     Maundy Thursday
      3.00 pm ACT ‘Eggsplore Easter’ event at Methodist Church
      7.30 pm Holy Communion & vigil
Friday 18th     Good Friday
    11.00 am ACT Good Friday Service at Sugar Hill
      2.00 pm Service of the Cross and Passion of John
Saturday 19th        9.30 pm Easter vigil and first Eucharist of Easter
Sunday 20th   Easter Day
      8.00 am Holy Communion
    10.00 am Parish Communion
      2.00 pm Easter Teas
Wed 23rd       10.30 am Eucharist
Sunday 27th   2nd Sunday of Easter
      8.00 am Holy Communion
    10.00 am Parish Communion
Wed 30th       10.30 am Eucharist