St Peters 20th Century

St. Peters Addingham 1920's

Cross Bottom


  • 1930 Harold Dudley Blakeney Flynn
  • 1947 John Francis Wrangham Hardy
  • 1954 Lionel Philip Clare
  • 1966 Peter C.G. Billingham
  • 1970 Dennis Alfred Arthur Shaw
  • 1993 Michael John Casterton
  • 1998 Andrew Richard Tawn

The century opened, as it was to continue for most of the first 50 years, with Britain at war. The Boer War had started in 1899 and continued until 1902 to be followed by the First World War in 1914 then in 1939 by the Second World War. The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1953. Memorials to the Addingham men killed in the two World Wars are on the south wall of the nave.

In 1947, during the digging of a trench, the shaft of the 9th century stone cross was discovered.

Between 1949 and 1952, various works and renovations were carried out. Initially, in 1949/1950, new altar rails and new choir stalls were installed in the church. These were made by the famous “mouseman”, Thompson of Kilburn. The altar rails were dedicated on 23rd September 1949. The service of dedication of the choir stalls, in memory of the Wall family, was held on 30th April 1950. Over the years, the roof of the church had deteriorated to such an extent that in 1952 it had to be completely replaced. It was during the re-roofing that the Tudor oak roof (see 15th. Century) was rediscovered – the first time it had been seen for 200 years – and the 18th century ceiling was removed. Finally, the church was redecorated.

June 1953 saw the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and a special Divine Service took place at St. Peter’s.

Around this time, the church began to think about bringing itself into the modern world and after a long process, begun in 1946, the New English Bible, printed in the language of the present day, was published in 1961. Various modern versions of services were then introduced culminating in the Alternative Service Book, the first new Prayer Book since 1661. Here in Addingham we used this new Prayer Book from the first Sunday that it became legal, in 1980. The Rector at the time, Revd. Dennis Shaw gave us our first motto:

“The Ancient Church with the Modern Prayer Book”.

After Revd. Dennis Shaw retired in 1992, Revd. Michael Casterton was appointed Rector. It was during his incumbency that the project to replace all the kneelers was begun. Sadly, Michael died suddenly in August 1997 and never saw the end of the project. The new kneelers are a great asset to the beauty of our church.

May 1998 saw the Induction of Rector, Revd. Andrew Tawn.

Image top left: This photograph, taken in the 1920s, shows the 18th. century ceiling which then hid the Tudor roof.