St Peters 17th Century

St. Peters Church Addingham

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  • 1611 William Webster
  • 1658 Thomas Boyer
  • 1665 Alex Kippax
  • 1674 William Coultherst
  • 1679 Henry Wright

In 1611 the Authorised Version of the Bible was published.

This same year saw a new Rector, William Webster, inducted to the living. The following year, 1612, saw the beginning of the Parish Registers, giving details of baptisms, weddings and burials. William Webster was Rector for 47 years during eventful times in England, not the least being the English Civil War which began in 1642, the execution of Charles I in 1649 and the rule of the Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell. It was a sign of these troubled times that William Webster, along with his fellow priests at Ilkley, Burnsall and Linton, was ordered in 1649, by the Archbishop of York to furnish one musket “to be in readiness for his majesty’s service.”

In 1649, the first year of the Commonwealth, a valuation of church livings was ordered. This showed Addingham valued at £50 compared with Ilkley at £20.

Parson Webster died in 1658, the same year as Cromwell. During the Commonwealth, the patronage of the Vavasours had been interrupted but was resumed at the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. However, during the first year of the reign of William III and Mary II in 1689, Roman Catholics were no longer allowed to remain as patrons and so the long association of the Vavasours with the church ended. The advowson of Addingham church was transferred to the University of Cambridge.

The deed for the conveyance to the Overseers of the Poor of a small area of pasture and river at the High Mill called Millgarth or Millfield is extant from 1686:

Addingham Church Deed

To all Christian people to whom this present writing may come, know you that Joshua Dawson of Gatecroft within the Parish of Addingham and County of York, yeoman, sonn of John Dawson of Addingham aforesaid, deceased. With intent and for th’accomplishment of my said Father’s purpose and good meaning expressed by words, as far forth as in me lyes touching the poor of Addingham aforesaid, and for other considerations mee thereunto moving. HATH remised, released And by these presents I the said Joshua Dawson for me my heires Executors and Administrators, Remit Release and Quit Clame ALL the whole estate right to the interest Reversion challenge or Demaund whatsoever which I ever had, now have, or hereafter in time to come or my heires Executors Administrators OR any of them, may or might have OFF in and to one Little Close commonly called The Milne Close next or neare unto Addingham Milne, The River Wharfe on the north side ? to the Tenterlands (? on the south part) Scituate and being within the said parish of Addingham and late in the occupation of Elizabeth Franke, widdow, and now in the occupation of Thomas Currer or his Assignes TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said close called Milne Close with all and singular the premises and appurtenances thereunto belonging whatsoever Unto William Bramley and William Cockshott the present Overseers of the Poor of Addingham aforesaid. And to their succeeding Overseers yearly and every yeare respectively and perpetually Nevertheless in Trust and to the End that the yearly Rent issue and profitts of the said Close let by the said respective Overseers as aforesaid given and distributed according to their discretions to the most indigent and poorest of the poore of the Parish of Addingham as farr as the same will extend. At the time called Fasten’s eve or Shrove Tyde at one onlie day yearely to be given them. SOE THAT Now neither I the said Joshua Dawson my heires or Assignes nor any person or persons by myne or their meanes or procurements any right tytle or interest in or two the said Close and premises att any time or times hereafter shall be challenged Unless Roger Coates my son in law (occupying) ground adjoyning the same -?-. To Farme and pay such yearely rent for the said Close ? person will give ? for the same as tennant and not otherwise But as to any tytle right or interest in the said premises or any other accompt them as above ? . He my heires and assignes shall with by or for ever debarred by these presents IN WITNESS whereof I have hereto set my hand and seale the 18th day of the first month called March Anno Dom 1686 Signed Joshua Dawson on the dorse sealed signed and delivered as an absolute Conveyance to the within mentioned premises to George Myers for the use within mentioned in the presence of ? Sandbedds at Mill Dam.