St Peters 13th Century

St. Peters Church Addingham

Cross Bottom


  • 1279 John Chatterton
  •          Thomas Stokyld

Apart from the names of two Rectors, little is known about the church during this century. As there are no records of any alterations or rebuilding, we can assume that worship carried on in the original Norman church.

About the year 1205, Sir Robert Vavasour obtained permission from King John to make a park in Addingham and to hunt game.

1215 Due to the insistent demands of the barons, King John sealed the Magna Carta on 15th June.


The Magna Carta laid down what the barons took to be the recognised and fundamental principles for the government of the Kingdom and bound the King and barons to maintain them. Its main provisions were that no man should be punished without fair trial, that ancient liberties generally should be preserved, and that no demands, other than those recognised, should be made by an overlord to his vassal without the sanction of the great council of the realm.