Sunday Services

St. Peters Church Addingham

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Regular SERVICES OF WORSHIP are held at St. Peter’s at the following times on SUNDAYS, and you will be most welcome to join in any of them:

Sundays: Just click ‘Readings for Sunday’ to read them online.

8.00 am Holy Communion

A said Communion Service- no hymns- but an opportunity to receive Communion (bread and wine) or to have a Blessing (a prayer) – it lasts 35 minutes.

10.00 am Parish Communion

A Service with music, hymns, Bible readings, prayers, a sermon (10-12 minutes, and also an opportunity to receive Communion. It lasts 1 hour 15 mins and refreshments are served afterwards in the hall, with a Fairtrade stall during the autumn, winter and spring times of the year.

10.00 am Family Service – (1st Sunday in the month)

This is instead of a Parish Communion (above), but is quite similar. It includes hymns, Bible readings, prayers and a short talk on a theme which is aimed at the younger members of the family. Children and parents optionally leave at this stage for follow up activities in the hall, while the service continues in church with Communion.

6.00 pm Evensong(1st Sunday in the month)

A traditional service with music, hymns, and an anthem; Bible readings and prayers- it is usually 45 minutes long.

3rd @ 10  So named as it’s on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 10.00am.

This family based service runs parallel with the 10.00 am Service on the 3rd Sunday of the month. It begins in the church hall and then continues in the church for the final part of the Service.

It is for everyone to join in with the activities. It is for families (although anyone can come along) and the activities are child- focused. There is a theme and there will be crafts to make, a story, music / songs and a prayer. It lasts about an hour in the hall and then 10 minutes in church.

4th @ 4     So named as it’s on the 4th Sunday of the month at 4.00pm.

– Fun, friendship and ‘food for thought’.  It uses mainly contemporary Christian music; a ‘thought for the day’; sometimes a film and / or an activity or two of some sort; and / or an opportunity for discussion. It is for all ages and lasts 40 minutes. We bring snacks to share together.