Sample Prayers

St. Peters Church Addingham

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One of the chief duties and privileges of the Church is to pray. Prayers have been likened to roots : “Roots can hold together the topsoil and prevent erosion. Each praying person is helping to protect the world from spiritual and moral erosion. Each new praying person is helping reclaim the wasteland.”

Here are some prayers which you can use to join in this ministry of prayer. You can also read the Rector’s message about prayer.

  • Never feel that you cannot turn to God – he is your loving Father:

Low at his feet lay thy burden of carefulness: high on his heart he will bear it for thee, comfort thy sorrows, and answer thy prayerfulness, guiding thy steps as may best for thee be.

J S B Monsell

A prayer from Good Friday

Lord Jesus, after your death your friends took your body and laid it gently in a tomb. We pray for everyone whose lives are hurting because someone they love has died recently. Look after them gently; and give to them, and to us all, your comfort, your peace and your hope.

Lord, you suffered and you understand our pain – be with those who are suffering now.

Prayer in time of anxiety:

God our Father, when we have to face an uncertain future – or a certainty of grief or pain or fear – hold us safely, and strengthen in us your great gifts of courage, gaiety, and a quiet mind.

We remember with thankfulness those we love who have died.

O Lord our God, from whom neither life nor death can separate those who trust in your love, and whose love holds in its embrace your children in this world and the next; so unite us to yourself that in fellowship with you we may always be united with our loved ones whether here or there.

A prayer in times of disaster

Father of us all, the starving, the terrified, the homeless, the dying, the heroically generous, the horrifyingly cruel – all affected by natural disaster or by human selfishness need to know your love and comfort. Please take our hands and let them work for you – digging deep into our pockets, outstretched in hugs, busy with practical help, laid together in prayer.

A prayer about time

Teach us, Lord, to use your gifts with wisdom and generosity. Teach us also to use our time carefully and effectively, not as a miser, nor as a spendthrift, but as those who know that time is a gift to be accounted for in the end of the day. Amen.

A prayer for the newly baptised:

Fight valiantly under the banner of Christ against sin, the world and the devil, and continue his faithful soldier and servant to the end of your life.

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his fact to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. The Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

A prayer for those who feel guilty

Lord, you forgave and restored Peter, who denied he ever knew you; you forgave and restored your friends who fled away when you most needed them. Save us from the sin of Judas, of thinking that our thoughts and actions, however terrible, are too terrible for your forgiveness. All that can keep us from your forgiveness is unrepentance or pride – save us from both, and purify us in the furnace of your love, which throws light on our misdeeds so that we can see ourselves as we truly are, but then burns them up so that we can start forgiven and afresh in your footsteps.

A prayer of repentance

God, I’ve messed up things in my life and in the lives of others, some by accident and some quite deliberately. I am sorry for all this, and I want to try and put it right and start again. I can’t do this by myself. Jesus said that you are like a good Father, always loving and forgiving. Please forgive me now, for what I’ve done to others, for how I’ve spoiled myself and for ignoring you. Give me courage to say sorry, and strength to stick to my decision to turn to you for help. Please love and help me, now and every day.

A prayer inspired by St. Peter

Heavenly Father, my life is full of continual weaknesses, and I am like sand – changeable and shifting, wanting to be a strong castle but washed away by the smallest wave. Thankyou for loving me and having a use for me despite all this : please help me to hang on to you whenever I am sinking so that, through the pressures of life and the passage of time, you can turn me from sand to rock, and use me as your faithful soldier and servant.

after Paul Tudge

A prayer on turning to God:

Father, my life is nothing special – just like water, rather commonplace. But here it is, and if you can use me then please do so. Please use me in ordinary ways to refresh others in daily life, and on occasion or over time, please turn me into vintage wine to bring strength and courage, and for your pleasure.

A prayer for our community

You are Father to us all. Please constantly push us out of our dullness of spirit to take active steps to care for our brothers and sisters, to protect them, share with them, welcome them, for the blood of Your son makes us all one family, whatever our origins, or our past.

A prayer for those preparing for marriage:

God our Father, you have taught us through your Son that love is the fulfilling of the law. Grant to your servants that, loving one another, they may continue in your love until their lives’ end; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mothers’ Union Prayer Anthology

Prayer in worryness

Father, you tell us not to worry, but to bring our requests to you. Help us to take you at your word, and so to receive your peace, which is beyond understanding.

A prayer for questioners

Father God, there a big questions we think we want to know the answers to. Please help us to listen to the answers you give us, which may be different from what we have ever heard before; when a new something strikes an unexpected chord in us, help us to have the courage to admit it and to follow where the new music is taking us.

A prayer for those newly confirmed:

Lord God, this is the start of a new part of my life : it’s the same as the old life in so many ways, but now in a new way I belong to you, I am enlisted in your service. This may mean new things to be done, or it may mean doing old things in a new way. Whatever comes to me in life, please help me to draw strength from the memory of my confirmation to know assuredly that you are both with me and before me, for ever.