St. Peters Church Addingham

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Music is an important part of our regular worship.

Over the last twenty years we have built up an enthusiastic robed choir of adults who sing weekly for the Sunday Eucharist and once a month for Evensong. This is an inclusive choir  – no special musical skills required but a love of singing and being willing to work hard! We rehearse fortnightly but as we approach major Festivals we practise weekly. We enjoy singing for the Festivals at Easter, Advent and Christmas, and each year there is usually another special celebration.  For example, we had special Evensongs to celebrate the Millennium, the Wesleys, for Ralph Vaughan Williams, and for the four hundred anniversary of the King James’ Bible. As part of the Heritage Project we produced a CD of the history of St. Peter’s, illustrating the spoken words with music of the time.  For this we were joined by members of other churches in Addingham, as we often are for festival services.  (copies are available from the church)

We are building up a good library of music- Oxford anthems are our staple resource. We sing psalms with the Parish Psalter. We are affiliated to the RSCM and regularly attend Festival services with other choirs in the region.  Our hymn book is Ancient and Modern New Standard . We choose hymns with the help of the RSCM Sunday by Sunday guide, but we use a wide range of other resources also. (There is a list of  favourite hymns, chosen by the congregation, on the St. Peter’s website.) We have had Taize services at Easter and we regularly sing Taize chants in our worship. When appropriate we sing Compline to plainsong.  Music for the monthly Family Services and “Hands On” service is chosen carefully for children and families. We have a number of instrumentalists, flutes, clarinet and trumpet who sometimes support our hymns and anthems. We also have a set of handbells which can contribute to special services.  We regularly sing for weddings and for funerals for members of the congregation.

We have two regular organists, all of whom are members of the congregation, who work closely with the choir and cover all the services.

We have a fine organ which was restored in 2002, and extended by the use of Bradford Enhanced Synthesis Technology.

When the opportunity occurs we host recitals of musicians – choirs, small instrumental groups, and organists.  The proximity of the Church Hall means that it is easy to offer refreshments and make the occasions welcoming and friendly.

Good music is important to us all at St. Peter’s in our worship. We take it seriously – but it is also a source of great pleasure and satisfaction both to the music makers and to the whole congregation.

We are always ready to welcome new singers – and we are a very friendly group.