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St. Peters Church Addingham

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Some useful links:

  • Addingham Village – (  This is a really useful, up to date site with lots and lots of information about our village.  The site links to lots of other web sites to give the reader a superb insight of the village as it is today, alongside a detailed history from our early beginnings.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it probably doesn’t exist.  Highly recommended.
  • Addingham – (  As seen by the world though wikipedia.  Contains some very useful detail including some census statistics. Very interesting.
  • Addingham – Official Bradford Council Statistics / assessment of our village.  Surprisingly readable and informative.  Only the first 11 pages of the report relate to Addingham.
  • Addingham Primary School – in the process of being developed, but still some nice pictures with good information.
  • Addingham Civic Society – ( a voice for our community working hard for the village.
  • Genealogy – if your ancestors were from Addingham, this link may interest you. Contains lots of information about the village & St.Peters, its history, its grounds and its life.  Don’t forget to come and pay us a non virtual visit when you can.
  • The Yorkshire Dales – Addingham is just one of many beautiful villages in Wharfedale, part of the famous Yorkshire Dales.  This site will help you explore the Dales, advising where to go and how to get there – and much more.  Well worth spending some time here.
  • The Dales Way – A challenging walk (over several days) which starts in Ilkley, goes through Addingham (right past our church) and ends in Bowness on the shores of  Lake Windemere in the Lake District.  Learn all about it here.
  • Beacons Way – Take a walk from Otley to Beamsley Beacon learning all about the route as you go.