Traidcraft Stall

Traidcraft Stall

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Every week from October to May on Sunday morning, we have a TRAIDCRAFT stall at St. Peter’s.


The Rector writes:

“One small but important way in which we can show respect for the sanctity of human life is to support our Traidcraft stall, which is in the hall after Sunday services. There is much exploitation in world trade, and the sanctity of life in poorer countries is widely disregarded for the sake of profit and the production of cheap products for our consumption. Traidcraft aims to fight this exploitation and the consequent poverty by promoting fairly traded products. Of course we can find some cheaper products in the supermarket but if Traidcraft prices are fair then the savings we make on cheaper products have a human cost elsewhere. I am pleased to say that, following a resolution by the PCC, fairly traded tea and coffee are used for the refreshments on Sunday. I am very grateful to our Traidcraft organisers for their initiative and work in setting up the Traidcraft stall. Please take a look and give your support.

The stall stocks cards, wrapping paper and stationery, kitchen rolls, biscuits, tea, superb coffee, cereals, pasta, WONDERFUL chocolate, dried fruit, “tropical treats”, a selection of stylish clothes… and so on. A Traidcraft products brochure is also be available, so you can order any goods (furniture, towels, whatever), that are not in stock – either everyday items or presents.

Link to the Traidcraft website – you can order from here directly, while the stall is taking a summer break, and can also find fair-trade goods at the Oxfam shop, at Booths and at Tescos – look out for the fairtrade symbol.

The picture below is of the altar frontal and was made some years ago to celebrate Fair Trade fortnight.