Christian Timeline Timetable

St. Peters Church Addingham

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  CREATING A CHRISTIAN TIMELINE FOR ADDINGHAM: Revealing the hidden heritage of st Peter’s Church and its environs Funded by the Local Heritage Initiative (LHI) and Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)
15 th June 2006 Application forwarded to LHI
11th July 2006 Notification of grant in full
31st July 2006 First Steering Group Meeting
15th August 2006 First Open Meeting with the community
31st May 2009 Completion of the project and delivery of report to HLF head quarters in Leeds
A range of complementary and interlinked activities and events were held over the two and a half years of the project.The three other churches in the village, Addingham primary school,the Civic Society and other interested parties generously contributed.
Information provided for LHI website prior to its closure
Recruitment of seven Steering Group members
August 2006 Introductory Exhibitions with details of the plans for the project 
October 2006 Dendro-dating of roof-timber beams in the church
Site-survey by West Yorkshire Archaeological Service for rchaeoligical dig in front of church hall
Appointment of Fiona Bowley as designer and carver for stone memorials
November 2006 Parish Discussion Day – History and Spirituality of Anglo-Saxon Chistianity led by The Rector
September – November 2006 Dendro-dating of church roof-timber beams : drilling completed Site-survey by West Yorkshire Archaeological Service for archaeological dig : completed Preliminary work on stone carving, and visit by stone-carver : completedLinked event at St. Peter’s : Study day : Exploring Anglo-Saxon History and Spirituality, 4th NovemberAlso note : Leeds Met. University : West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service Day School, 18th November
December 2006 First report on progress sent to HLF. Research groups set up to prepare for story telling/play event and music and words for church audio guide
December 2006 – February 2007 Dendro-dating of church roof-timber beams : report delivered Research into local historical characters for Story Telling event
Research starts for music and words programme
Workshop on History Trail design : completed Research content Information boards
Preparatory work for historical input to Fete and Village Gala (2008)
February 2007 Dendro-dating report received
Workshop to design Village Histor’y Trail Leaflet  Appointment of designer to create a ‘style’ for the project publications, information boards and website
Research for Information Boards and historical inputs into Church Fete and Village Gala begun
March – May 2007 Research continues into local historical characters for Story Telling event
Research starts for music and words programme
Research continues re content Information boards
Preparatory work continues for historical input to Fete and Village Gala (08)
Workshop on stone-carving 21st April  Local historian Arnold Pacey led a workshop for the Olicana History Society on the results of the roof timber dendrodating, Saturday 5th May at St. Peter’s
June – August 2007 Publication of History Trail with Inaugural Walk on 8th July 2007 .Trail leaflets now available Church Guides in translation located in church for visitors. Information leaflets now available Audio guide of music and words in church for visitors :  
Autumn and Winter 2007/8 Workshops on stone-carving for children, see reports under Workshops Music and words historical programme in church for visitors : recording in Sept completed Workshop on Saxon and Mediaeval Art – first of 4 sessions, 3rd November, 2007 led by Derek Law :  see reports under Workshops Archaeological dig in front of church hall October 22-26th. Presentation to Civic Society – 10th. January 2008 in the Village Hall. Workshop on Printing, The Church and the Mind of Man 1400-1560 – second of 4 sessions, 23rd February, 2008 led by Derek Law  – see reports under Workshops
Great Barn at Bolton Abbey – special Open Day  8th Sept 2007 – of relevance to St. Peter’s roof timbers – joint event with Addingham Civic Society
Linked event at St. Peters : Sunday 2nd December, 6pm St. Peter’s : “Light out of Darkness” : a candlelit service of readings and music for the beginning of Advent, incorporating Anglo Saxon and Mediaeval prayers
Spring 2008 Preparations for two plays- writing,casting and rehearsing. Three sewing mornings in preparation for Strolling Play on 12th. April, to make banners and costumes.  Workshop on Saxon Food 15th March 2008 – see report under Workshops Architectural field trip Away Day led by Arnold Pacey 30th April 2008 for details see Workshops Workshop by Derek Law – The Making of English, third of 4 sessions, 10th May, 2008 
Summer / Autumn 2008 Easter Day 2009July 2009September 2010 8th June CD of words and music launched on new equipment in church. Mediaeval-themed Fete 21st June 2008.   Workshop by Derek Law Monstic foundation-Fishponds, Gardens, Orchards and Livestock – final session took place 12th September, 2008. Celebration Weekend, 13-14 September 2008,  included dedication of stone memorials to Saxon ancestors by the Bishop,  Mediaeval Fair, historical plays, Music, Hog Roast, Falconry, Archery, Story Telling  All activities were free.26th September archeological workshop provided at local primary school for key stage two children.25th October Concert by the Cuckston Singers programme of Early Music The play “Wulfhere’s Harvest” was performed by young members of the church on Saturday 15th November, followed by a Saxon Feast.Unveiling of the information boards.25th April 50 members of The Dales Way Society visited the church during their 40th anniversary walk. Submission of final report to Heritage Lottery Fund

Launch of redesigned website